The Clean Clique is an eco-friendly cleaning company owned and operated by Shannon Veals. Started in 2006, we have been growing and becoming a part of homes across Toronto while maintaining our desire to provide an environmentally friendly company that uses only the best natural and home made cleaning products. We use the TTC and bikes to get around Toronto in all weather, that’s how strong our commitment to the environment is! Our services span a wide range, from basic house cleaning services to more detailed tasks such as fridge and oven cleaning to collecting dead batteries and burnt out lightbulbs for proper disposal. We’re making the world cleaner and greener – one home at a time!

From owner, Shannon:

You may be wondering what’s so special about this cleaning company? Why become a part of the clique? The clique is unique because of what you – the client – mean to me. Each person, each home, each pet I meet is special to me. The families I clean for have all become people I consider friends. They support me in my athletic and artistic endeavors and I support them in whatever ways I can. Although not the original purpose of starting a cleaning company, it has become inspiring and pushes me to new levels.”


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