Shannon – In the beginning…

The Clean Clique has been a part of my life for so long now, it’s hard to
know what to say…I started cleaning when I was 12 years old for my mom
(and still clean for her now-lol).
10 years ago when I started The Clean Clique I was a starving student,
burlesque babe and derby doll…looking for a new path that fit my busy
lifestyle, kept me active and made me proud…out of that I started the
Clean Clique. Now I am a Mom, an entrepreneur and once again a student.
On a personal note i enjoy binge watching new shows on netflix, a fun
night out with my partner and son and a good amaretto sour on special
Professionally-I enjoy helping people out, seeing what a difference we can
make it in the world, helping busy homes live greener (and of course
cleaner) lives. I enjoy meeting the clients and seeing your lovely homes,
nurturing healthy relationships with my staff, all while getting to know
our great city on my bicycle.

– Shannon

Melisande (aka Mel) – 2.5 years with the Clean clique

The main thing I like about cleaning is that it makes people happy and it’s a good workout! I like to wear dresses; the more patterned the better, regardless of  the weather. I’m a student, a vegan, a Harry Potter fan and a Converse enthusiast.

– Mel

Kay – 1.5 years with the clean clique*

I’ve been many in many places in my lifetime and intend to go many more.Clean Clique is not only the crew I work with, but the company I have been able to grow with and establish myself financially, so I may do all the things in my life I enjoy. Currently in school to better educate myself on natural medicines, Clean Clique has given me the flexibility and stability to see myself through independently. I enjoy working for Clean Clique because the people I work for are lovely, the products we use are natural and my work can be done independently.


– Kay

*Special note – Our friend Kay is now residing in London, ON and we hope to be offering limited service there soon. Check back for details as we have them.*


Since joining the team in 2015 I’ve been able to channel my neat freak
tendencies into a positive force for good.  I’ve also enjoyed meeting all
our wonderful clients and seeing the difference I can make for them.  The Clean Clique allows me to balance work, school and being a mom while advocating for eco friendly choices.

– Jen


I sometimes wonder who’s in the clique, clients or staff. It must be both. We’re all part of a better way of getting things done, a Green economy, which makes me proud. It’s great to work for a company that aligns with your principles.

– Jamie


Working at the Clean Clique helps me promote my passion toward the
environment while doing something that I love. The best part about my job
continues to be meeting and working for the genuine and interesting
cleintal, using all natural products and being able to ride my bike to
work everyday! I am currently a student at Ryerson University in the
Environment and Urban Sustainability program. I am a vegan, a cat lover
and an avid reader. Music is very important to me, I attend shows and
concerts regularly and I am always seeking out fun things to do throughout
my city.

– Lauren

Newest members of The Clean Clique Crew