“Knowing that my home is being taken care of with ethical products and a dedicated, attentive and adaptable staff really makes life that much easier. I’d recommend the Clean Clique to anyone!”

Mike, client since 2011


“Shannon and her team have been very friendly, thorough, and reliable. I especially appreciate that they bring their own cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner with them, which offsets the cost of the service, and makes it so I don’t need to worry as much about restocking toilet cleanser and vacuum cleaner bags. Thanks Shannon!”

CJ, client since 2014


“I have been using the Clean Clique’s services for over 5 years and I have nothing but great things to say about them. Not only do they satisfy my requirements for environmentally friendly cleaning products but Shannon also exceeds my expectations as an owner and manager. She is approachable, accommodating and always quick to respond to concerns. Her training and employee standards are high and thus we are always guaranteed consistency when there is a need to rotate staff. If you are thinking of hiring a cleaner I would not hesitate recommend Clean Clique.”

Dana, client since 2006


“Clean Clique goes above and beyond with cleaning my house. They will do the nooks and crannies but also will ask where they need to focus their efforts. I don’t hate cleaning myself, but I do love that they do a better job than I ever would or could.”

Sarah, client since 2010


“The Clean Clique has been invaluable to me in maintaining my apartment, something I am physically unable to do for myself. The staff is personnable, non intrusive, immaculate, and thoughtful. My space is always so much fresher when they leave! I look forward to my cleaning every time!”

Laurel, client since 2010


“We have had the pleasure of coming home to a clean house thanks to Shannon and company’s services for over a year and found that they have always done a great job. Shannon has been proactive in soliciting feedback and always accommodative to our schedule. We never thought of ourselves as ‘needing’ a cleaner, but been well worth the expense.”

Mike, client since 2011


“As I have said many times in the past, this shared house would not function without you. As environmentally conscious individuals we sincerely appreciate that the clean clique goes above and beyond in its effort to be sustainable and have as low an environmental impact as possible. Shannon, is also extremely prompt and professional in her relations with customers, and she trains her employees very well. Finally, I admire her commitment to maintain a living wage and not just a minimum wage for her employees. We have been with the clean clique for many years now and wouldn’t dream of changing cleaning services. I highly recommend them.”

Serena, client since 2008


“Great service! Great people! Reliable, pleasant and efficient .”

-Lysa Fina owner of Grateful Head Inc. client since 2012


Shannon and her team are amazing! They’re warm, friendly and funky. Their attention to detail shows from every corner of my clean home. It brings cleaning into a hip new urban vibe. Who knew THAT was possible?!

Jodi, client since 2014


“Clean Clique has been our cleaner for the last several years. The staff members we’ve had have arrived in a timely manner (even during some challenging weather), done a great job on the cleaning, and are willing to make use of the cleaning products we supply. That ties into our specific needs – we need a cleaning service that is compatible with a person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and there are not many of those. In part that means using our cleaning supplies to ensure they’re safe for our needs, but also that the person doing the cleaning doesn’t bring in chemicals and perfumes on their clothes. That’s a tough requirement, but Shannon and her staff have worked hard to accommodate us.”

Doug, client since 2011


“I just wanted to thank you so much – our house hasn’t looked this good since the last time you cleaned it. I knew the difference between what you do and the other services I’ve tried are vast, but after seeing how clean the house was yesterday, it is amazing. You made my day.”

Andrea, client since 2009


“I’ve been a customer of The Clean Clique for almost three years, and can’t imagine life without it. The service is friendly, accommodating, and professional, and the cleaning is sublime. There is nothing like coming home to a freshly-cleaned house, and The Clean Clique never disappoints. Shannon and her staff are wonderful, and they’ve got a very happy customer in me.”

Sammer, client since 2011


“We have been using The Clean Clique for 2 years. Previously, we had gone with a discount cleaning service, who’s cleaner would not sweep or vacuum before mopping our floors, resulting in a bucket full of dust bunnies and odds and ends. After one clean, our sink clogged, then exploded. It turned out that the cleaner had been pouring the mucky water down our kitchen sink and it backed up so much that we had to have all the plumbing redone. We immediately got the recommendation from a friend for The Clean Clique and Shannon couldn’t have been nicer. We have never been unhappy with the service and think of The Clique as part of our family.”

Kat, client since 2013


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