Here are a few tips to help you get prepared for your cleaning with The Clean Clique

Communicate provide alarm codes, information on pets and anything else about the house that we may need to know before arriving to ensure that nothing is missing. It’s also important to let us know in advance anything that you might need such as an oven or refrigerator clean.

Let us know if you want dishes washed, garbage taken out, beds turned down or where you keep special cleaning materials you’d like us to use in advance of your clean

Pick up clutter – while we love to help tidy and organize, too much clutter can hinder our work. Organize papers and tidy up areas that could slow us down, unless we’re there for you just to help tidy!

Give us feedback! From very early on, we love feedback. If we haven’t met your needs, or especially if we have, we love to hear it! The only way we can ensure that your needs are met is if you let us know, so please do!