At The Clean Clique, we use all our own supplies from vacuum to ecofriendly products. The only thing we ask you provide is a mop, which is yours to keep, however, we happily take the dirty portion of the mop with us in order to wash it and make it ready for your next clean. We love Vileda mops for their affordability, the ease of use and how easy it is to clean with them. Here are some of our favourites:

Our absolute favourite mop is the Vileda Ultramax because it can be used on all floor types. With this mop, however, you will need to purchase the special bucket that goes with it.

We also really love the Vileda Super Twist mop. This mop is also good for most floors, but is not great for cork, laminate or dark wood. Once again there is a matching bucket available to quickly and easily wring this mop out.

Lastly, for dry mopping only, we recommend the Vileda Fibro Contact with microfibre.


Please note that laminate and cork floors should not be mopped with traditional water and cleanser as the excess water can do major damage to your floors over time.


Ready to see how our passion for mops works for you? Drop us a line!