Safety Precautions

When in your home, we want to make sure that it’s not only sparkling clean, but we also must be careful and take care of ourselves and your belongings. There are a few things you can do to help us with this.

  • Provide a step stool if you want something that is above a comfortable arm’s reach washed, dusted or tidied. If there is a shelf that is within reach but houses a delicate or precious item, please provide a step stool for this, too!
  • Please put any valuables away in a safe or secure spot – especially small items like earrings or cufflinks. We are as careful as we can be, but often very small pieces of jewelry can get overlooked and get lost.
  • Please ensure pictures and art are secured properly to walls.

Regardless of how safe we are, accidents can happen, so ensuring that these steps will help everyone’s peace of mind.



Avoid using tub and tile cleaners that claim to be ‘scrub free’. They contain dangerous chemicals that can trigger asthma and heart problems and cause your eyes to burn. They’re just not worth it. We suggest a product such as NATURE CLEAN TUB AND TILE CLEANER.



If you see mouse poop which looks like black rice, put on your safety mask and gloves. We aren’t kidding! NEVER HANDLE MOUSE DROPPINGS WITHOUT PROPER SAFETY EQUIPMENT. IT’S DANGEROUS. Mouse feces can carry diseases such as Hanta virus, lymphocytic, horiomeningitis and leptospirosis. First spray it with a disinfectant like oxygen bleach or Benefect. Next, use a damp cloth to gather it up. Avoid vacuuming as it aerates the particles making them easier to inhale. Avoid touching it with your bare hands.



NEVER mix BLEACH with AMMONIA or ANY OTHER ACID, including vinegar. It will create deadly fumes and you may not make it out of the room. In fact, NEVER MIX ANY COMMERCIAL CLEANERS TOGETHER.