Please note that all products and materials are provided EXCEPT the mop and bucket- please refer to our page on mops we like .


The Clean Clique only uses environmentally friendly and home made products. Every house is different and we will work with you to customize the cleaning so it best suits your needs and budget. The following list is an overview of what a full top to bottom cleaning would entail. Thought of something else you need done? Don’t see it here? Just ask we’ll be happy to accommodate you!

Please let us know if there are any out of reach areas you would like us to give some attention to, we’ll be more then happy to help…please let us know ahead of time and have a proper stepping stool on site. Refer to the Safety section for more information.

General Cleaning Services

All rooms:

  • -Dust window sills, door frames, ceiling fans (if accessible), and baseboards
  • -Dust furniture, lamps, woodwork, photo frames, shelves, and collectibles
  • -Vacuum carpets
  • -Vacuum and wash wood/ tile floors
  • -Vacuum furniture
  • -Clean phone receivers, light switches and outlet plates
  • -Clean all glass and mirror surfaces (not including windows)
  • -Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets
  • -Put out all garbage, recycling and compost/green bin material


  • -Dish washing
  • -Clean and sanitize counters, cabinets, table and chairs
  • -Clean, scrub, and sanitize sinks
  • -Clean range tops (tops only not inside/underneath)
  • -Clean inside of microwave oven and outside of all appliances
  • -Vacuum and wash floor


  • -Vacuum and wash floor
  • -Clean mirrors
  • -Clean and sanitize toilets
  • -Polish chrome
  • -Clean, scrub, and sanitize showers and bathtubs, sinks and backsplashes
  • -Clean light switches, outlet plates and door knobs

Additional services available upon advanced request

Additional kitchen services:

  • -Oven cleaning
  • -inside/under the fan hood
  • -Cupboard cleaning (inside and above)
  • -Fridge cleaning

Various rooms:

  • -Window washing (inside and outside if easily accessible)
  • -Wall washing
  • -Wash baseboards
  • -Clean light fixtures
  • -Vacuum mattress and box spring
  • -hard to reach areas


  • -Wash inside cabinets and cupboards
  • -Clean/dust light fixtures
  • -Treat/clean moldy grout
  • -Wash baseboards

Organizational Services

  • -Closet and cupboard organization
  • -Home office organization
  • -Set up of recycling and green bin facilities in your home
  • -De-cluttering of any area
  • -Laundry – wash, dry and fold

Green Services


  • -Dead batteries
  • -Small boxes/bags of used items for charitable donation
  • -Empty ink cartridges
  • -Dead cell phone batteries
  • -Any item that may be used for crafts such as bubble wrap, ribbon, cellophane, egg
  • cartons


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